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That is why I am here. Whether it's hardware or software, you have someone to turn to. Teaching in today's modern classroom requires skills in such a wide range of areas. I want to make it easy for you to reach me for assistance.

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Take the #AdobeEduCreative challenge by going here. This challenge is a great way for you to get to know how to use Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark). And at the end, you'll have a wonderful way to share yourself with your learning community. Perhaps this might be an activity you could run in your classroom? Check this link to access the student template. Looking for a lesson plan? Check out Adobe's Plan. If you'd like to see all the Adobe Express challenges and templates from each month since December of 2021, click here!

Have You Tried These?

  • Mote logo

    Learn More About Mote

    Mote is a free Chrome extension that allows you to seamlessly record and insert voice notes to be used in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, and Classroom. This extension will allow you to provide more meaningful and personalized feedback to your students while offering additional accessibility options for all learners!

  • Seesaw logo

    Learn More About Seesaw

    SeeSaw is tool that promotes meaningful engagement. It can be appropriate for any grade level. It's not just for elementary! Give your students and opportunity to express their voices and make their own choices.

  • Flip logo

    Learn More About Flip

    Flip (formerly Flipgrid) is a simple, free video making tool and discussion platform from Microsoft.

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  • Minecraft for Authentic Learning

    Minecraft for Authentic Learning

    Meet students academic and social emotional needs through a medium with which they are extremely familiar... games. Join Ms. Angeline Flores as she explains her journey into Minecraft for Education.

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  • Two-Factor Authentication

    How can someone prove that they really are who they say they are when logging into a website or app? Learn one of the best ways to keep your accounts and data secure...

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  • Phish in a Barrel

    Phish in a Barrel - Don't Make it Easy

    If you've followed along in our series, you should have a seriously strong password now. Unfortunately, you're still not safe. The internet knows that there's a good chance they can get you to give them your password anyway thanks to activities collectively known as "phishing."

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  • Time to Check Your Passwords

    In part 2 of our cybersecurity series, we explore how to perform a password checkup. During the process, you will have the opportunity to check your current passwords and see just how little time it would take someone to crack your password.

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  • Why I Mote

    Check out our latest blog post on Mote, #WhyIMote. In this post you'll learn what Mote is all about and how to use this Chrome extension with your students, parents and colleagues!

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  • Saving Passwords in Your Browser

    It is cybersecurity awareness month, so why not take advantage of the password checkup feature that Google provides you. In our first post in this series, you will learn how to identify potential weaknesses in your current password strategy.

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