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Getting "Comfy" with Google

Published on October 12th, 2021

When training groups of people on technology, one of the most common issues we run into is the range of skills of the attendees. There may be those who are very knowledgeable to those who have never heard of "the cloud." We tried to make sure that everyone could get something new from the training, and we made use of our tech "rockstars" to help out the group.

Training our Nursing Department

Google does way more than help you search content on the web. These days it seems Google is everywhere. Here in Long Branch Public Schools, Google is used to provide a productivity suite. Formerly known as G Suite for Education, this product now known as Google Workspace. It seeks to provide our staff with applications that are similar to applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

In order to help our nursing staff develop their skills with using these Google tools, we created a checklist of skills to work on in order to feel comfortable with using Google Workspace. We did a live 2 hour training session via zoom during which the nurses and staff members were able to ask questions. We ended up covering many things that are not on the checklist.

We want to make our Getting "Comfy" with Google checklist available for you to download (or make a copy). As you check of the items, if you find that you need help with any of the topics, please feel free to reach out to us for support.

If, by chance, you were looking for a self-paced series of video training on Google Docs, head on over to our boot camps page to see what is available there.

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    Neil Mastroianni

    Hi! I'm Neil, and I've been in education since 2002. My journey with using educational technology really began in 2008. It was at this time, I began to see the potential that technology provided me and my students. Since then, I have moved into administration and I am fortunate enough now to be responsible for supporting staff in their edtech journeys.

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